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Made in the USA

The Original "ANTI-SHOCK" - "ANTI-SURGE" Air Release and Vacuum Break Valves for Water, Sewage and Effluent Pipelines
(U.S. Patent # 5,511,577)

Vent-O-Mat® combination Anti-Shock Air Release and Vacuum Break Valves for sewage and water. The first integral Anti-Shock Air Release Valve for Surge Control.

Intensive research, innovative design and an understanding of water market needs rapidly placed Vent-O-Mat® at the cutting edge of air valve design technology. For the first time an effective and efficient air valve exists that, in addition to its air valve functions, successfully assists in the elimination of surge and water hammer as a standard and automatic function.


RBX Potable Water Air Release Valves

RBX Potable Water

Vent-O-Mat® RBX Series potable water valves are unsurpassed for air release, vacuum protection, surge alleviation and improving pipeline flow.

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RGX Sewage Air Release Valves

RGX Sewage

Vent-O-Mat® RGX Series sewage air valves are unmatched in releasing entrapped air and protecting the pipeline from damages due to vacuum or surge while increasing pipeline flow.

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Series RPS Lightweight Valves

RPS Lightweight valves for irrigation

The Vent-O-Mat® RPS Series valve is specially developed as a Lightweight Air Release Valve for the irrigation market.

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